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We transformed a forty-four-foot toy hauler into a mobile children's museum! Vamos ​Niños: Play to Learn, our mobile museum and resource center, is a place that connects ​families to resources as they engage with their children in a fun-filled space designed for ​play, exploration and learning.


In mostly rural Doña Ana County, NM, access to quality early childhood educational ​opportunities is limited. Vamos Niños aims to break down these barriers and “open the door" to ​enriching and stimulating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) concepts. ​The mobile museum brings a caravan of health, wellness, and educational resources and ​services to rural and underserved children and families, fostering equitable educational ​opportunities across Doña Ana County.

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Vamos Niños is PACKED with fun, interactive exhibits inside and out!

Jack’s Workshop

  • Main entry and welcome center

  • Family resource center

  • Workbenches with discovery boxes

  • Video microscope


  • Active STEAM exhibits

  • Interactive scarf air wall

  • Color-changing water column

  • Magnetic gear wall

Active S.T.E.A.M. Activities

  • Musical garden

  • Bubble-play cart

  • Big blue blocks

  • Fabric weaving wall


  • Calm & quiet area for sensory play

  • Listening tubes

  • Light table with magnetic tiles

  • Reading nook

  • Pet vet

  • Imaginative play

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We are so grateful for our major supporters:

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Vamos Niños would not be possible without the ​support of our community. Please consider ​making a gift to help support our ​programming!

For more information or to discuss your gift, ​contact Abeer Al-Ghawi, at


  • Jack Soules
  • New Mexico Legislature & New Mexico ​Department of Cultural Affairs, sponsored by: NM ​Sen. Bill Soules & NM Rep. Joanne Ferrary
  • Congressionally Directed Spending Grant ​sponsored by: U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich
  • Daniels Fund
  • Francis R. Dewing Foundation
  • El Paso Electric
  • Kelley Family Foundation
  • W. K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Nusenda Credit Union
  • Walmart Spark Good
  • Kelley Family Foundation
  • NM Early Childhood Education & Care Department
  • Community Foundation of Southern NM - ​Western Sky, Devasthali Family Foundation Fund, ​and Wellness Fund

visit us

During its first year of operation, Vamos Niños will be focused on ​traveling throughout Dona Ana County primarily for community-​wide events. We expect to expand services to other areas of ​Southern New Mexico in the near future and will be opening up ​scheduling for private events / other groups.

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Frequently Asked questions


What ages is Vamos Niños for?

  • Vamos Niños is geared towards preschool aged children three to five ​years old.

Is there a cost for visiting Vamos Niños?

  • There is no cost to families visiting VN at free community events. If ​you'd like to reserve VN for a specific audience (classroom, child care ​center, day camp, etc), there will be a fee.

Is Vamos Niños ADA Accessible?

  • No, but we do have accessible outdoor activities!

When will Vamos Niños be in my neighborhood?

For Questions and more information, contact

abeer ngagenm.org


Is there a bathroom, diaper changing station, or nursing ​area in Vamos Niños?

  • No, but we make every effort to park near public restrooms at ​all of our events.

How much time can I spend in the museum?

  • We recommend allowing two hours for a visit.

Can I drop off my kids?

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

How do I get Vamos Niños at my event?

  • Thank you for your interest in scheduling a visit to Vamos ​Niños. We are currently focused on community-wide events, ​and will be opening up scheduling for private events/other ​groups in the near future. Please follow us on social media for ​updates.
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Equitable education in New Mexico remains a challenge, addressed by the Success Partnership, a prenatal-to-​career education initiative in Doña Ana County that is supported primarily by Ngage New Mexico. With a ​commitment to fostering positive educational outcomes, the partnership employs a data-driven approach, ​emphasizing that education is a shared responsibility.

Vamos Niños is the innovative idea of the Success Partnership's Early Childhood Education Coalition. The Coalition's ​strong focus on supporting the growth of equitable educational opportunities for children, their families, and ​caregivers has led to the creation of this one-of-a-kind educational experience in this region.

Zooming through Doña Ana County and Southern New Mexico would not be possible without the foundational ​support of Ngage New Mexico and its team.

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